Revolving Doors

I had a few packages arrive this week again, it seems like a revolving door of returns at the moment as I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.  That sounds familiar, but I don’t think U2 were on the hunt for the perfect parka and joggers.

First to arrive was the Hush parka I’ve been considering for a few weeks.  Mainly I was interested in it because I liked the unexpected colour of the blue fur hood.  It’s actually really lovely quality and a lot warmer than I expected.  The inside is lined with a removable blue fleecy lining which was a nice surprise.  I’m not sure the bright blue of the hood was that flattering for my skin tone.  It actually looked great on my sister though, trying to persuade her to keep it!  It is a bit bulky so not a very sleek look but the warmth makes up for that.

Here she is!

Hush Parka £170 (£153 incl. shipping with code OCTEVENT)


Also, the joggers from Gap arrived that I talked about here.  I ordered them in a medium (I’m a size 12 generally) but they were too big.  And I didn’t take a picture as while the style of them was promising, being too big made the elasticated waistband look like it was straight out of the back of a Sunday paper supplement advertisement.  The back view was worse.  While I don’t like trousers too tight, these were loose in the worst way.  Do you remember that episode of Sex and The City where Samantha met an older man, and he walks out of the bedroom at one point.  Yes, they gave that effect.  So I ordered the small, I’ll let you know.

Jogger Pants £39.95




You might remember me lusting over the Dune Hari sandals a few weeks ago:


Due in stores in October, I haven’t spied them yet, but at £85 I’ve been pondering if I really want to spend that much on shoes I’m not exactly going to wear to do my weekly shop (the refrigerated aisle is too cold).

Anyway, I went to Next today to pick up an online order, more on that in a minute, and look what I found:

Feather Two Part Sandals £35



Now I don’t think they’re quite as nice as the Dune ones look (they weren’t quite as well, feathery, as I wanted them to be) but for the price they were brilliant.  Definite bargain and a frivolous fun purchase.  So now I have a dilemma of which to get.  I suspect Next might win.

My other reason for going there was that I wanted to try out the navy leather jacket I’ve seen online and on a couple of other blogs.  I’ve been thinking about getting a one for a while now but can’t quite find the right one.  I like the idea of it not being black as it can look a bit harsh with my colouring, but I want it to be very dark and almost black, definitely not bright.  I’ve looked at a few in Jigsaw and All Saints but can’t quite make the move to spend that much.  The Next one is a great price for leather and it was a lovely colour, not really navy in real life, more of a very dark slate blue.  I also like the silver zip and that it’s not too fussy.

Sadly though, it just didn’t look that great on.  I don’t think it’s particularly a shortcoming of the jacket, more that it just wasn’t quite the right cut for me.  So the hunt continues.  But if you’re looking for one too, it might be worth giving this a go.  I have a feeling it will sell out pretty quickly.

Navy Leather Biker Jacket £160


Just in case you’re missing my terrible pictures, here’s one:


I also tried on that tartan cape thing you can see on the right.  It was a lovely colour but didn’t really suit me, plus I know my husband would shout ‘Draw’! every time I wore it.  Because Tartan was such a staple in old westerns..

Something small

I am being virtuous and resisting buying this leather cuff I spied at Boden.  The 22% code with free shipping is not making it easier.  I think this would make a great gift though, so I might start my Christmas shopping here (shut your eyes if you’re related to me!).


Yes I know it’s early, but my MO is to do 80% of preparation impressively quickly and then lull myself into a false sense of organised security culminating in running around like a madwoman on Christmas Eve.  When I will promptly forget I bought this and conveniently have to keep it for myself.  Yes, the font of self knowledge runs deep.

Bejewelled Leather Cuff  £39 (£30.42 with code Y6M2)


And so I’m back, from outerspace

Last week was interesting, between the hours of midnight and 8am one morning, our phone line decided it was no longer going to work.  Which meant no internet.  Thankfully it’s now fixed but it definitely curtailed my online shopping, blogging and general escapism activities!

So I returned to an inbox full of discount codes, which maybe meant the great internet blackout of October 2014 was a good thing!

Somehow though, in my few minutes of online time here and there I did manage to sneak in a few purchases.  First up was the Boden Claudia Coat mentioned here.  It was lovely quality, perfect colour but it had just the smallest hint of duvet tied with a belt.  Or dressing gown chic.  And I just can’t quite get over that enough to keep it.  So it’s going back.  I really should take a picture to share my misgivings.  I think on a tall slim person or an exaggerated hourglass shape it would look great.  But my waist is higher, and so it did me no favours.  The coat hunt continues.

Then the rhinestone denim shirt from H&M arrived, and happily that’s staying.  It’s not my perfect shape, preferably it would be a little more slim fitted and long line, but it’s actually great quality, which was unexpected, and really pretty.  Pictures to come on that too.

I’ve also been continuing my revived love affair with Gap.  I originally bought one of the below 100% merino jumpers.  I went for the tall sizing, I’m nothing of the sort, but I like the longer length and it’s perfect without the sleeves being a problem.  Looks great with jeans but also with my M&S Leather Leggings and the couple of statement skirts I have.  Talking of statement skirts, what statement exactly am I making?  That I don’t really have anywhere to go but I’ll wear them anyway?  Anyway, back to Gap.  I loved the grey sweater so much I’ve ordered it in the navy, even though there’s no discount code at the moment, as I don’t want it to sell out.

Gap Merino V-Neck Sweater £39.95


And while I was shopping, I really needed to spend over £50 to avoid the shipping charges (don’t question my logic) and so have taken a chance on these.

Jogger Pants £39.95


Pictures to come when I get my act together!


My home internet connection is down this week, which is probably a good thing from an online shopping avoidance method, but very annoying from a work and blogging perspective.

It’s probably then a little embarrassing that in the small amounts of time online I have had, I’ve managed to order this Boden coat.  Boden sales can be annoying in that there’s often less of a discount than you get from their random codes the rest of the year.  That was the case here – only 10% off, but I managed to find code Y5X5 that gives an extra 10% off sale price plus free shipping and returns.

I’m hoping it will look more chic than ‘duvet with a belt’ but I’ll let you know…

Claudia Coat was £179 now £144.99


All that glistens

I might have gone overboard on the rhinestones recently.  While at not quite Dolly Parton proportions (not those ones!), the jewelled trend has been appealing.

While still pondering whether to keep the Boden Jewelled Flats my head got turned by these after seeing them on MMM.  An affordable take on the Stella Mccartney Diamond Jeans.  I’m not sure about the rips plus the rhinestones, but do like the cut, so still thinking them over.

Zara Jewelled Boyfriend Jeans £39.99


Badly lit Zara changing room pictures!



I’ve been wearing shirts a lot recently, mostly denim.  So I may also have invested in this shirt which hasn’t arrived yet, but don’t worry, I won’t be doing the double denim and rhinestone look.

Denim Shirt with Sparkly Gems £29.99


And now I need to step away from all things sparkly!

For old time’s sake

Remember the body?  That early 90’s item of clothing that was the nemesis of drunk women everywhere and the best contraception known to man when worn with tights, knickers and jeans?

Apparently it’s back.  I’m not sure if I want to go there.  The sleek fit appeals (sort of, I’ll need some distracting camouflage of maybe a shirt / cardigan too).  I love the necklines as they’re often scoop or faux wrap shaped, but since having children they remind me less of a ballet dancer and more of a toddler.

But Baukjen have this one in their sale (it helps that it’s Baukjen, more grown up.  Topshop has ‘you are too old’ written all over it!) and it does have me wondering, maybe just for old time’s sake?  Or do I just have PMS?

Mayfield Wrap Body £39 (was £65)


Things that make me go hmmm

Every season there are new styles I love, and those that I’m not so sure about.  The interesting thing is, often the ones I’m less enamoured of, I end up loving later on.  I think it’s a combination of being brainwashed by advertising and editorial, but also seeing them worn by bloggers and in real life.

I can remember years ago being horrified at the thought of skinny jeans after so many years of boot cut and flares being the only way to go.  Remember Trinny and Susannah and the constant refrain that any type of tapered trouser was a disaster for anyone more than a size 6?

But then, after seeing them worn so much, I started to get used to how they looked and then like them, until they were the only style I wore for a while.  Which was lucky, because until recently they’ve been pretty much all you could buy.  And that’s a whole other post as I need to dig out all of my old jeans and see whether they’re worth reviving now that the flare has returned!

Back to this year.  I started off really not being sure about the Aquazzura flats beloved by Witblog and made affordable by New Look and Office.  But then after seeing them worn in so many blogs, they started to grow on me, to the point where I’d be tempted to buy a (New Look or Office!) pair if they weren’t already sold out.

Aquazzura Belgravia Flat £500


Can I also say, that if I were going to spend the money on a pair of Aquazzura’s, which I’m clearly not, then it would be these for sure.

Aquazzura Lola Leather Sandals £722 (yes really!)


Far more affordable, and lovely, is the Next Ghilly Sandal £60

Next up, the Sleeveless Jacket.  My problem with this one is it just takes me back to mid 90’s secretary fashion, purchased from Richards.  Remember Richards?  Now I know this look has moved on massively, and I just need to get over it.  In fact, Poppy’s Style’s post today has nearly got me there.  I love the look featured from Brooklyn Blonde, both the sleeveless cape look below and the single breasted sleeveless coat look.  Personally I think I’d be better with the cape style as think the long waistcoat / coat option would be a disaster for my hips.


And then, the pointy buckled (Dicker, apparently) boot trend.  Mostly, my issue with these is that I have wide feet.  And although they’re not particularly big (size 6ish) pointy and wide equals kind of long looking feet.  I just have this feeling that instead of the cool look I’ve seen on other people (like All Worn Out) that I’m going to look like Edward Scissorhands.  On the school run.  So I think the Chelsea boot is working better for me this season, but like I said, the jury’s still out.

Toga Pulla Buckle Boot £326 (yes it turns out that everything I’m not sure of is really expensive, which is better than the other way around)

Toga Pulla

And finally the big fake fur scarf (and well, everything) trend.

What I’d like to look like, from Witblog (although slightly less colourful maybe).  Realistically thought, it might be more like ‘meet my friend Emu’ on me!


So let’s face it, I’ll probably be back talking about which of these I want to buy next week.  Although it will need to be cheaper versions as I have done far too much shopping recently, more to come on that.

Double Take

Yes, two posts in one day.  I’m feeling energetic.

Boden has 20% off everything until Monday.  And they have bunny slippers.  Now these are children’s slippers but they go up to a size 39, so they’re in my basket, because who doesn’t need bunny slippers?

Velvet Bunny Slippers £12.80 with discount


Speaking of children’s clothes, and Boden, the Johnnie B (teenager) range is actually great for finding surprise gems.  Their shoes are fun, but still good quality, and cheaper than the women’s line.  I’ve also bought clothes from them too and the age 15-16 is broadly a 10 and the 16+ a 12, perhaps 14.  So, worth a try if you’re in that range.

I LOVE these boots, they go up to a size 42.

Suede Jazz Boots £50.40 with discount


Great colour and nice texture.

Violet Velvet Leggings £16 with discount


I wear my pointed leopard flats all the time, the pink trim on these makes them a little different.  Also up to a size 42.

 Pointed Ballet Flat £34.40 with discount